Hey there,

I'm Cavelle, a passionate documentary,  lifestyle photographer. Also a sister, wife & mother.


I've been shooting professionally for 7 years.


What's most important to me is your comfort and satisfaction before, during and after our session. I am very open, transparent & flexible. I pride myself and my work on being prompt, humorous and generous. 


Photography is an art. The shoot itself is only half the work that completes the final output. Post-processing is critical in the creation of your keepsakes. It is so important to find a photographer who makes you feel awesome & fits your style.

I want nothing more than to surround myself with fabulous, genuine, good souled, beautiful people and to make those folks happy by doing what I love. I thrive on positive energy, good vibes and laughter. 


I look forward to meeting you soon to see if we are a good fit!


Thanks for stopping by.

Freely & Unboundedly,

Happy V Day _r_andrew_cable27 thank you

Cavelle Schmid